It has been a learning curve
and an adventure.  

When my husband Dan and I first met, he said to me, “Don’t get to know me unless you plan to go with me”.  If only I had known what that meant that day so long ago.  I would not have changed a thing.  

Sheri DeVries
Owner – Sheridan Flats 

A Farm Story

This is a farm story that started on a sailboat?  Yes, a sailboat.

We both had weekday, professional careers.  On weekends, Dan was a sailing instructor and  I ran the sailing school office.  Five months after we met, we put our careers on hold, sold just about everything that would not fit on the boat and sailed away on a 3 year, 20,000 mile off-shore sailing adventure. 

Fast forward 8 years and it was time to move ashore.  Now what?   Why not try a weaving class, horse back riding lessons and we will get a dog.  These three things would eventually lead us to life on the farm.

After a few riding lessons, we quickly fell in love with horses and found ourselves with two horses and all the necessities that go with horse ownership.

While we found a very good stable for our large family members, we really wanted to have them live with us so we started the search for a horse property.   

The first dog was an Australian Shepherd and her passion was Frisbee.  The second pup was also an Australian Shepherd but instead of a passion for Frisbee, he came with a strong instinct for herding.  When he tried herding the horses, we found ourselves in herding school which was our first exposure to sheep. 

Weaving was a rewarding hobby that just naturally led to wool yarns and where does wool yarn come from?  Sheep!

We Bought a Farm

Somehow it all came together when we finally found a beautiful farm to purchase in Enumclaw, WA.  It was 10 acres and perfect for our 2 horses and 2 dogs.  Well, actually it was a little large and the horses had a hard time keeping up with the grass growth.  There were extra stalls in the barn but we ignored that as we settled into our farm the first year. 

In year two, the 10 acre hay field next door became available for purchase so we expanded the farm.  It was also a ploy to ensure our little piece of paradise stayed peaceful and quiet.  But what to do with another 10 acres?  Sheep! 

We Have Sheep

We started out with five lambs and the flock grew quickly from there.  The purpose of our flock is to produce quality fiber so we select breeds that produce a range from strong carpet qualities that can be used for weaving, to the fine fleece that provide warm, soft, next to your skin fabrics.  

Sheridan Flats
Cultivating Sustainable Goodness

We love sharing our farm and our products with fellow fiber enthusiasts. Enjoy your virtual visit. 

Browse our products to find just the right treasure for your next fiber creation. Our products are made from fleece grown here on the farm and in a few cases, we partner with other local farmers to add goodness such as alpaca or angora.  We are proud to be part of the local fiber community.