Cookie Cutter Needle Felting Craft Kit


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A fun and easy introduction to needle felting.

The cookie cutter provides both a guide in forming your design and also a safety barrier for your fingers while learning the art of needle felting.  

Fill the cookie cutter with wool and begin poking the wool with the needle.  The barbs on the needle lock the wool fibers together.  Continue until the wool is shaped  into the form and is the desired thickness.  Remove the felt from the form and refine your shape.  Finally, add embellishments such as yarn edging or bows.

OK, so it’s fun to make these felted shapes but now what? 

  • The felted shapes can be further felted onto other  fabrics such as a sweater, hats, scarfs, pillows, etc. 
  • Felt them on to a thick yarn to make a garland. 
  • Add a hanger string and use as an ornament.
  • Add a hair clip or stick pin to the back of the form to wear your art.

Be creative and have fun.

Kit Included:

  • 4 Cookie Cutters
  • Colored Roving
  • 1 Foam Pad
  • 3 Felting Needles
  • 4 Wool Strings
  • Instructions

Appropriate for ages 10 and up with adult supervision.

Makes 4 felted designs.


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