Felted Soap Craft Kit


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Soap and washcloth all in one!

Making feted soap is fun for all ages as it involves making an abundance of soap suds and allows for creative personality in each design.  Can you use the felted soap like any other soap bar?  Yes, but it’s even better.

Youngsters enjoy having their own personal felted soap bar making clean a fun experience.  The wool covering also makes it easier for little hands to grasp the soap.

For the more grown-up users, you will appreciate the gentle but effective exfoliating properties of wool.  No need for a loofah or wash cloth.  The wool covering helps prolong the life of the soap bar.  The felt will continue to shrink as the soap is used, eventually leaving just the felted wool which can continue to be used as a scrubber.  Wool is a natural antimicrobial.

Kit Included:

  • 1/2 oz. Natural White Wool from Sheridan Flats Sheep
  • Colored wool tufts for adding colorful designs
  • 1 Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar
  • 1 Nylon stocking used to aid in the initial felting stage
  • Instructions



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