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Hand Dyed Bulk Roving – Beating Heart


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The Beating Heart colorway is part of our watercolors collection.  The collection was custom designed and dyed by Sheridan Flats using inspiration from watercolor paintings.  When I was spinning the sample of this roving I kept thinking, “Be Still My Beating Heart” as I was in love with the blend of colors and the ultra soft llama fleece.  This one titles itself.

  • Sold by the ounce with discounts applied for volume purchases.
  • The fleece was produced by Patty, Sarah and RockyBorder Leicester x Rambouillet, Border Leicester and Llama wool.  Rocky may be a llama but he produces an unbelievable, teddy bear soft fleece that is a favorite of our customers.
  • 100% wool
  • 5.5-6″ Staple length

Sheridan Flats roving is produced from fleece grown on our farm in Washington.  After being scoured and dyed here on the farm, it was  professionally processed into roving at a local mill.  We are proud to be part of the local fiber arts community and to offer products produced by small businesses in the US.

One of the joys of spinning is the ability to make the yarn uniquely yours.  The sample shown is just one option.  Make it thicker, thinner, more plies, less plies, strip the colors to spin into separate singles… and the list goes on.  It’s all up to you.  Have fun and enjoy the freedom to be creative.

Care Instructions
Once the roving is spun into yarn or felted, hand wash only with cool water and a gentle wool shampoo. Use a towel to press out excess water, do not wring or twist.  Air dry flat.



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