Mill Design Roving 3 oz


The fleece for this roving was produced by members of the Sheridan Flats flock.


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This roving is made from a blend of Sheridan Flats wool.  The fleeces have a 5 – 6.5 inch staple length.  The roving was produced during a design session at the miss and we loved the results so ran a small batch for our customers.  The original colors were Flamingo Pink, Monarch Orange, Bright Aqua layed on the carder belt in horizontal 1 oz stripes.  The carding processed created 4 distinct blends.

  • Hand dyed from 100% wool.
  • Mill blended.
  • Approximately 3 oz. each.  
  • Outerwear appropriate.

Care Instructions
Once the roving is spun into yarn, hand wash only with cool water and a gentle wool shampoo. Use a towel to press out excess water, do not wring or twist.  Air dry flat.


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