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Washed and Hand Dyed Fleece by Tiny

This fleece was produced by Tiny of Sheridan Flats 

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Tiny is a Border Leicester  75% x Romney 25%.  Tiny isn’t very, well, tiny.  Her fleece is huge and it produced six bags to choose from, all with stunning colors.  

  • Washed and hand dyed 100% wool  
  • Approximately 10 oz. bag
  • Ready to card, comb, flick, tail spin, whatever is your preference. Combs, cards and spindles not included.
  • The locks were not pulled before washing.

Care Instructions
Hand wash only with cool water and a gentle wool shampoo. Use a towel to press out excess water, do not wring or twist.  Air dry flat.Border Leicester 62.5% x Romney 25% x Clun Forest 12.5%


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