Sport Weight 2 Ply Wool Yarn by Sissy & Pearl


The fleece for this yarn was produced by Sissy and Pearl, friends of Sheridan Flats


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Sissy and Pearl are Romney ewes that are flock mates from a sustainable fiber farm in Enumclaw, WA. When combined, these two fleeces produces a lovely yarn with amazing sheen.  

  • Hand dyed yarn spun from 100% wool yarn
  • Sport weight 2 ply mill spun
  • 200 yard skeins at approximately 2.5 oz each
  • Suitable for out-wear such as hats, gloves, scarves etc.
  • Hand dyed using high quality acid dyes to achieve bright vivid colors. As this is hand dyed yarn, there is some slight variegation to some colors. 

Sheridan Flats yarn by Sissy and Pearl was produced from fleece grown locally in Enumclaw, WA.  The yarn was milled in Oregon.  The yarn was dyed on our farm.  We are proud to offer products produced by small businesses all local to the Pacific Northwest.

Your order can be shipped as a twisted skein (standard) or as a center-pull cake (by special request at no charge).

The product photographs are a true representation of the colors; however, colors on your monitor may vary.

Care Instructions
Hand wash only with cool water and a gentle wool shampoo to maintain color and quality.  Use a towel to press out excess water, do not wring or twist.  Air dry flat.


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