Gotland x Blue Faced Leicester x Shetland
Born 2016 | Wether | White 

I went to pick up Andy II and Merryweather.  I was holding firm that I could only take two.  But there was this tiny lamb that was obviously a misfit and he needed a home.  I tried to say no but his tiny curls were adorable and he eventually found his way into my trailer. 

This boy does not have a trusting nature, unlike his snuggle-up-to-you twin Merryweather.  It may take me a lifetime to convince Sweater that humans can be trusted but I am patient and we work at it every day. Sweater’s cute locks are soft and silky.

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Fleece may vary with each shearing.  Weather, feed, age and the health of the animal will result in variations.  Products made from this fleece will also fluctuate depending on how the fleece is processed by the mill.  The photos of fleece and products are examples from prior years.  Visit the shop to see what products are currently available.